Taste Palette, a company where history, tradition, quality and identity go hand in hand.

In the Northeastern part of Europe, one step from Africa and a breath away from Asia lies the island of Cyprus. An island which has been a crossroad for civilizations, flavors, perfumes and traditions for thousands of years. The land of Aphrodite, the island of Cyprus has given birth, through the love and care of its people, the most exquisite in taste and flavor products.

Here, at Taste Palette, we care so that time and tradition and technology co-exist in harmony so as to preserve the history of flavors unchanged.

We have created the infrastructure, the scientific models and protocols required to highlight the unique quality of the traditional products of our land.

We cooperated with a group of scientists, researchers in one of the top food quality control scientific laboratories of east Mediterranean which is accredited with ISO17025, in a wide range of monitoring food quality and we have created our exclusive methodology for product control, from production, collection, transportation, processing and bottling so that our name would be linked with the consistent high quality of the flavors.

We have walked through the whole island in order to bring you what is best from the Cyprus land. We have searched and found people, devoted in the history and tradition of the island. People who have kept the islands secrets for thousands of years and feel it their duty to pass them on to the generations to come.

Taste Palette through strict controls on production processes, the certification of the quality of its products and respect to the history of the island, has chosen the best products to share with you. We welcome you to our own tradition... share the diversity of our flavours and gently touch our land.....Bon Appetite.


Carob Syrup Price: 5,50 €
Carob Cream Price: 4,70 €
Grape Syrup Price: 5,50 €
Grape cream Price: 4,70 €