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Grape Syrup

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Taste Palette’s Grape Syrup - EPSIMA is made of the same old recipe that the locals used thousands of years ago. Based on the ancient Greek formula, the locals added their own wisdom to blend the flavors extracted from the local grapes, creating in this way a genuine traditional Cypriot product. Taste Palette’s EPSIMA is produced from 100% fresh, handpicked grape juice, following the original local recipe that was passed from generation to generation. Taste Palette travelled in the mountain areas that accommodate old wine producer villages, collected the sacred recipe and the secret production procedures of EPSIMA, and created its own protocol of that brings tradition in your plates.

Taste the history of Cyprus and flavor of local grape varieties, pure and genuine without any added preservatives, coloring agents and sugar. A unique product, rich in energy and a natural source of iron and calcium, Taste Palette’s EPSIMA offers a unique combination of taste experience and health product.

Equally old as the wine, this unleavened grape juice, found its place in the world of gastronomy, winning every day more and more lovers of gourmet cuisine. 

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