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Carob Syrup

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It is categorized among the premium traditional health food products of Cyprus. It has no added sugar, colorings and preservatives. It is produced from the best quality carob trees' varieties that thrive in the arid and fruitless slopes of the mountains of Cyprus. The production procedure and recipe used, blends the tradition with the technological standards in order to create the highest quality of traditional Carob Syrup that combines the explosive flavours of Cyprus history. It is considered as a product of high nutritional value, since it contains vitamins, protein, calcium, iron and trace elements.

It is extremely beneficial for the stomach; it helps in proper bowel function by thus acting against constipation. It has a very special and enjoyable taste, with cocoa elements, a strong aroma that makes it stand out in whatever recipe that it may be used. It is a sugar, a cocoa and even a coffee substitute for hot or cold beverages and it can be used to offer a unique flavour and a distinct aroma in cakes, pancakes, waffles and in balsamic sauces cooking, in Asian cuisine or in other recipes with meat or fish.

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Carob Syrup Price: 5,50 €
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