The Cypriot land generously offered its wealth to the inhabitants; through imagination, necessity and creativity they sought for ways to transform this wealth to a long standing sweet taste. Through this process, EPSIMA was created; a sweeter that combines the unique local grape juice flavors and can be maintained intact for a long time.

The grapes were collected from the vine fields as soon as they were mature enough and sugar accumulated in the grape berries. The traditional recipe brought first by the ancient Greeks, was based on a very specific heating and cooling process of the ingredients, until the grape juice was converted to EPSIMA.

Centuries ago, being an important source of vitamins, EPSIMA was considered as a precious product for every family. It was the main syrup that gave flavor to pancakes and added taste in the hot drinks of the Cypriots for thousands of years.

Today EPSIMA is the secret that gives a special flavor and unique aroma in Cypriot gourmet recipes. It is used as a dressing on unsalted cheese, muffins, pancakes and waffles, as well as the traditional syrup on top of ice cream. It can also be found in balsamic dressing for salads, sauces for red meats, hunting food and fish.