Today, in comparison to all the other varieties of Mediterranean carob, the carob of Cyprus has the best performance of Carob in both quantity and in quality.

The Cypriot carobs are naturally organic products since the local carob trees are not included in organized and cultivated plantations but instead, they grow in the wild without any crop care. The calcareous soils of Cyprus in conjunction with the dry arid climate are particularly prone to the development of carobs; they impart to them a particularly attractive flavour and they offer them a particularly rich in sugar content, which exceeds the 50%. This is exactly what makes carobs of Cyprus a highly sought product in the international market.

Although the carob tree thrives in almost all the para-Mediterranean zone, the carob tree's varieties in Cyprus, in conjunction with the very particular soil characteristics and the specific climatic-conditions, produce perhaps the best quality of carob in the whole world.