Cyprus is characterized by a series of diverse and special features in almost every sector; geographical, geostratigical, cultural, historical, and even gastronomical. The historical importance of Cyprus has always over-exited its small size. Its strategic location at the crossroads of three continents and three seas, in combination with the remarkable reserves of copper and lumber, made the island highly desirable for every empire.

The first evidence of human presence can be traced back to the tenth millennium BC (Pre - Neolithic). However, what brought wealth and commercial development on the island was the discovery of copper (3900-2500 BC). Around 1200 BC, a significant process started that was about to give the island the dominant national identity that possesses until today; the arrival of Mycenaean-Achaean Greeks as permanent settlers, who brought with them their Greek language and culture.

Although Cyprus was subjugated to various conquerors, it has always managed to retain its Greek identity. The ancient presence of Assyrians, Egyptians and Persians is revealed in the archeological findings on the island. Later Cyprus became a Roman conquest and after the division of the Roman Empire, it was passed to Byzantium. Christianity was introduced in Cyprus in the 1st century AD, by Apostle Paul and Barnabas, the founder of the Church of Cyprus.

During the Third Crusade, the island was conquered by England, and later was sold to the Templars. The period of Frankish rule, was followed by Venetian and then the island was conquered by the Ottoman Empire, which finally delivered Cyprus back to the British.

After an armed liberation struggle, the Island gained its independence in 1960. Since 1974, after an illegal invasion of the Turks, Cyprus remains as the only divided member of the European Union until today.

The complex and rich leading presence of the island to the historical events of the eastern Mediterranean basin inevitably brought a flavor blend of cultures. Special recipes were created by this blend of civilizations, with ingredients extracted from genuine local products; products of the Cyprus land, which were grown under the hot sun, watered with clear water emerging from the volcanic and coral rocks of the mountains of the island.

All this history, taste of cultures, strong odor characteristic of Cypriot cuisine, we seek and offer it to you, with love and respect.


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